Elect Jason Snider for Washington County Commissioner

Strong, consistent, and effective leadership at this critical time of unprecedented service and budget reductions.

The Right Choice for Washington County

“Over the years I’ve served as the Mayor of Tigard, City Councilor, a citizen member and Chair of the Budget Committee, and a Reserve Officer with Tigard Police – I’ve seen Washington County grow, and it’s been a mixed blessing. As Washington County Commissioner, I will continue to work to unify our county commission so we can focus on the issues that are most important to our residents: public safety, transportation, and housing options. At the same time, I am also committed to finding ways for the county to be more efficient and effective. There are many tools and management techniques that work well in both government and business; I want to explore and employ those, but we cannot lose sight of the fact that, as a county, our responsibility is to serve the combined interests of all residents in an equitable manner.”
— Jason Snider


Jason served as Mayor of Tigard from 2019 to 2022, through both the COVID-19 pandemic and the serious calls for more action on social justice.  He also served as a Tigard City Councilor from 2013 to 2018 and as Chair of the 26-member Metropolitan Mayors Consortium in 2022.  He has provided the leadership needed to get results, including:

  • Established and implemented walkability vision with four clear goals.

  • Furthered the financial stability of the City by establishing a dedicated funding source for parks and recreation and passing a public safety levy.

  • Delivered affordable water on time and on budget from the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership.

  • Engaged youth voice by establishing Youth City Councilor position.

  • Designed and championed thoughtful community review and improvement process for policing practices through Public Safety Advisory Board.

  • Passed the first ever Tigard public safety levy to add eight patrol officers when response times to highest priority calls doubled in 5 years and funded robust mental health/crisis intervention training for all officers.

  • Pushed staff to better leverage city resources by identifying and obtaining grants/outside funding totaling $70+ million.

  • Created an environment that brought an unprecedented number of affordable housing projects to Tigard and permanently preserved the affordability of the Woodspring Apartments.


Service to my community has long been important to me. It’s why I served on the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District Board during my junior and senior years in high school, became an Emergency Medical Technician, volunteered as a Tigard Reserve Police Officer, and was a member and Chair of the City of Tigard Budget Committee before seeking elected office. In Washington County we’re fortunate to have a strong group of volunteers serving throughout our community; they continue to inspire my efforts every day.

The greatest source of progress throughout history has always been The Community – people working together to find or create a communal set of values and work toward a common good. It’s amazing what happens when the focus changes from ‘me’ to ‘we.’ The beauty of encouraging all residents to join in, work together, share ideas and listen to one another is that it allows us to understand the opportunities, traditions and relationships that will help us create the kind of county we want to have. While supplies and equipment are often necessary to bring about change, what’s needed first – and most – is a sense of community.

Everyone should have the chance to be successful, but we don’t all start in the same place. Differences in race, gender identity, culture, background, lifestyles, etc. affect people’s ability to prosper and triumph. We need to have policies and practices that are fair and just; that give individuals the tools they need to do well in order to increase equity for everyone.

It’s important to share information with Washington County residents to help them make informed decisions; to reach out through a variety of mediums including online, print, and at public meetings. It’s also key that elected officials make themselves available to listen to people’s concerns and answer questions. This kind of transparency is at the heart of my approach to community leadership because it helps build trust and allows residents to hold officials accountable for the conduct of the people’s business.


Key Endorsements

Washington County Chamber of Commerce

Pam Treece, Washington County Commissioner

Roy Rogers, Washington County Commissioner

Jerry Willey, Washington County Commissioner

Aaron Woods, State Senator

Caprice Massey, Sheriff of Washington County

Kevin Barton, Washington County District Attorney

Ken Gibson, Former Mayor of King City

John Cook, Former Mayor of Tigard

Frank Bubenik, Mayor of Tualatin

Tim Rosener, Mayor of Sherwood

Keith Mays, Council President and Former Mayor of Sherwood

Tualatin Valley Fire Fighters IAFF Local 1660

Ben Bowman, State Representative

Courtney Neron, State Representative

Margaret Doherty, Former State Representative

Craig Dirksen, Former Metro Councilor and Former Mayor of Tigard

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